Hello dear visitors. We are Joan Ross, graphic designer and James Higgins, photographer, doing business as Higgins & Ross. We started our business in the analog era, slaving away in the darkroom with an 800 pound stat camera, enlargers and trays of nasty chemicals.

Then comes the inevitable "and then". It was 1991 when we received an invitation to come to Harvard Square to see the "future" of graphic design (photography's future was still about ten years 10 years away). Watching our friends demo Pagemaker on a Mac Classic, we wondered how our whole darkroom could be distilled into this tiny beige box.

A year later we invested in the future!


No, we're not going to list 40 years of clients. These days our design work is mostly for non-profits such as cultural organizations and museums, and the National Park Service.

Our photography is directed at producing one of a kind images for books, posters, and magazines, both on-line and print. Photographs from our archives have been used by many organizations including the Smithsonian Institution and the National Museum of American History.

Publications & Prints

As you browse our Portfolio menus, you will see examples of work from four of our photography books and images from our soon to be published book, North & South Ireland. Much of this work is available as limited edition fine art prints and for publication licensing.